Mini Facial

Includes cleansing, steam, masque, and massage.
Approximately 30 minutes.

European Facial

A relaxing and rejuvenating deep cleansing treatment. Includes deep pore cleansing, steam, exfoliation, masque, and upper body, neck, face, and scalp massage.
Approximately 60 minutes.

Back Purify

A stand-alone service to maintain healthy skin, you need a powerful purification of pores that daily cleansing can’t reach. Perfect for both men and women.


A process that gently removes epidermal cells with a Diamond chip. Great for treating acne, fine lines, excessively dry skin, wrinkles, hyper enlarged pores, sun damaged skin, stretch marks, surface age spot and superficial scars. Please talk to one of our skin specialists for your specific needs and prices.


Special Mask

For certain skin type, in order to suite your need, you may be asked for a special mask with an extra fee.

Disinfecting & Bleaching mask

Lifting mask or Lightening mask

Pore minimize or Oxygen energy soft mask